Betting Basics

Here you will find our A-Z of betting in our Betting Basics. It is a library that has started small but is getting bigger and bigger. It contains guides explaining how certain bets work, how they are won and pretty much all the basics of football betting. The pages below are designed to be easy to understand. Many bets are complicated and if you are new to gambling the terms can be over facing. As the resource below has expanded we’ve incorporated a number of bets which mainly feature in other sports. Whilst not strictly football we’ve included them as you may come across them whilst betting. Unfortunately many bookmakers offer slightly different variations on the bets below. This means that they may settle the bets different than described, especially if a leg is voided. If a bet is new to you we suggest that you read the FAQ’s of your bookmaker.


Ante Post Betting

What is Ante Post Betting ?

These bet’s are place at least one day before the event is set to happen. Due to a increase in the uncertainty of conditions odds are generally higher than they would be on the day. You are also betting that your chosen competitor will take part in the event you have bet on. The increased risk you are taking is reflected in the bigger odds. Many horses will be selected to run in specific races through the calendar, just like top golfers will play in the Majors.

Example: Ante Post bet on Horse racing.

Tom bet’s that Super Horse will win the Grand National in January the odds are 100/1 . The horse has been in great form and is now 10/1 ! 1.) The horse is unable to race due to a sudden injury, therefore Tom loses his Ante Post bet. 2.) The horse comes a mediocre 15th in the Race, therefore Tom loses because the bet is to win. 3.) The horse leave’s the field for dead and wins the race by 10 lengths! therefore Tom wins his bet, and at the 100/1 placed in January not the 10/1 odds on the day. As you can see higher odds carry higher risk but some bookmakers such as Totesport occasionally offer no runner , no bet odds on ante post betting, which means in scenario 1 your stake would be returned.


What is a football accumulator ?

A football  accumulator is the term for a number of selections are combined together in a bet to increase the potential winnings for two or more results happening. It is often called a Parlay, Acca, coupon and more.  These are the bets we select at Footy Tipster because they are low stake high reward bets. We don’t encourage large stakes as we bet for fun, not for profit. If you would like to read our football accumulator tips they are published on most days throughout the football season. If you are familiar with other multiples, such as a lucky 15 then you will understand combination betting. Unlike the lucky 15 there is only 1 bet and all the corresponding selections must win for the bet to win. The lowest form of accumulator is a double , combining 2 results , then a treble combining 3 results and a fourfold combining 4. You can add as many selections as you like to increase the odds. Many of the huge winners you see on social media are accumulators, generally they are on football results.

This type of betting is usually used in Football for example :

Tom bet’s  £10 that  Arsenal, Manchester United , Manchester City and Chelsea will win at the weekend the odds are 100/1 . 1.) If one or more of the selections loses Tom loses his £10. 2.) If all the selections win, Tom returns £1010!  As you can see higher odds carry higher risk but some bookmakers such as William Hill offer money back if an accumulator with 6 selections or more loses by 1 result. This is called accumulator insurance and is being emualted by a number of leading bookmakers. When betting on high risk, high return bets using offers such as this to your advantage can save you money on your football accumulators throughout the season. In our opinion you should make use of all the bonuses and bookmaker specials they offer as it may save you money in the long run. On large accumulators the odds you can receive differ dramatically on the same bet you could win either £700 or £1000 depending on your choice. As accumulators multiply your winnings based on each selection marginal difference in odds will stack up.

Asian Handicap

What is Asian Handicap betting ?

The is were the bookmakers take the draw out of the equation in order for you to bet on either team to win. It’s a bit complicated at first but once you look at the table below you will understand. When betting in play you start the Asian Handicap from when the bet is placed, not the full outcome of the match.

This type of betting is usually used in Football for example :

Tom bet’s  £10 on Stoke City at +0.5 (AH) the odds are 1.93 . 1.) If Chelsea win, Tom loses.  2.) If Stoke win, Tom returns £19.30 3.) If Stoke Draw, Tom returns £19.30 . It’s a pretty simple bet and is good for outsiders if you fancy an upset.

Anytime goalscorer

What is an anytime goalscorer bet?

Thankfully this is one of the bets that does exactly what it says on the tin. It is a selection on a player to score anytime during the 90 minutes of a match. Whilst this does include injury time at the end of the half it does not include extra time or penalties. If you place a bet on a player to score anytime it does not matter if he scores the first or the last goal or any one in between as long as he scores in normal time.

This type of betting is usually used in Football for example :

Tom bet’s  £10 Fabian Delph will score anytime . 1.) Fabian Delph starts the game but plays rubbish and his substituted at half time without scoring. Tom loses. 2.) Delph skins the whole team when Aston Villa are winning 1-0 and scores. Tom’s bet returns £150!  Generally when betting on anytime goalscorers bookmakers such as Bet365 offer the best odds.

Anytime you like

Anytime you like is another coupon brought to you by Betfred. Anytime goal scorer is a coupon that means you have to consider team selection, form and a number of other things.  It’s a fixed odds coupons which means it doesn’t matter who the player is, just the number of selections in your accumulator. Betfred Football The aim This is another simple accumulator coupon, and the simplest are often the best. All you have to do is pick the players you think will score. It doesn’t matter if they are the first or the last as long as they find the back of the net. The accumulator Like many of Betfred’s coupons you pick the players you think will score from the required lists. You need to pick between 3 and 10 anytime goalscorers and all must come in if you are to see your bet come through. The odds As it’s a fixed odds coupon so you know what your getting into before you start. The odds are pretty good because you can choose the goalscorers you want, normally ones that when combined would not give you sufficiently lower odds. In this aspect the odds are boosted.

Number of SelectionsOdds
Number of SelectionsOdds

The biggest win This coupon is pretty new and it’s under the radar currently. We’ve not seen many big winners yet, but that’s mainly because there isn’t that many people betting on it yet. We plan on bringing it to everybody’s attention with a huge win.

The insider edge This coupon is different to most on the market because it focuses much more on team selection and player form, rather than team form. You aren’t betting on the outcome of the game, only the goalscorers within it. You do need to take into account the quality of both teams, the selection policies of the managers and the form and style of the players. Here are some tips to that the bookmakers don’t want you to know. 1.) Squad Rotation – Manager rotate their squad especially in busy times of the season, make sure you know which managers do it by checking the news and previous fixtures in the that comptition. 2.) Big names – All goalscorers go through good and bad patches during the season. Big names may seem like a good idea, but they don’t score every week so be careful. 3.) Form – Always check the form of the players, especially goal scorers, are they currently scoring if not, be wary. 4.) Style of opposition  – How does the player you’ve selected score his goals, if he relies on pace then a slow defence could be a great opportunity for him to bag and you to record a winner. 5.) Set Pieces – This is a crucial factor which many people underestimate. Penalty takers , especially the better ones have a great chances to score from 18 yards. Free kick specialists have a similar chance. If the team they are playing has a poor disciplinary record then these players may just get a chance to bag one.


Both teams to score

What is both teams to score ?

Both teams to score is a coupon in which the user bet’s on a number of fixtures where they believe both teams will score anytime during the 90 minutes, not including extra time and penalties. It can be bet on in singles or multiples. This is usually described as goals galore, a popular Betfred coupon which provides enhanced odds on certain Both Teams to Score accumulators. Click here to have a look at the enhanced odds .

This type of betting is usually used in Football for example :

Tom bet’s £10 that Arsenal v Manchester United , Manchester City v Chelsea and Leeds v Burnley will all score the odds are 5/1 . 1.) The games end 1-1, 2-1, and 5-0. Since Burnley did not score the coupon loses. 2.) The games end 1-1 , 1-1, 1-1. It’s a boring round of fixture but both teams scored in all fixtures, the bet returns £60. This coupon is mainly run by all bookmakers, but the most prominent as said above is betfred. They offer enhanced odds on a large group of matches throughout the football league. These boosted odds normally win £50 or £6o more on a medium sized coupon so be sure to check them out here.

Sportsbook Promotion


Correct Score

What is Correct Score betting ?

This is where you predict the exact outcome of a match . This is normally done at full time but can be done at half time as well. You do no have to predict the correct first goal scorer just the final outcome. We use these bet’s with teams that a very consistent such as Stoke who usually win 1-0 , lose 0-1 or draw 0-0 . They are normally larger odds of 6/1 upwards and can offer value especially when placing them in a lucky 15.

This type of betting is usually used in Football for example :

Tom bet’s £10 that Arsenal will beat Manchester United at home 7-0 the odds are 100/1 . 1.) Arsenal win 6-0 , Tom loses. 2.) Arsenal win 7-0 , Tom returns £1010!

Coral football jackpot

What is this Football Jackpot from Coral?

Coral pick 15 fixtures every week spanning the weekend. All you have to do is predict the outcome of these matches with a chance to win £1,000,000. It’s a pretty simple concept but there are a few catches, so here they are! The rules! 1.) Predict the outcome of the 15 matches and place at least £1 , 1 line stake. 2.) Place your bet by 3PM every Saturday at 3.) The jackpot is always guaranteed to be £100,000, however if nobody wins it rolls over until it hits £1,000,000. Just like the lottery. The Prizes! 1st prize – The jackpot predict all 15 results correctly and pick up the jackpot! Consolation prizes – Unlike most bets you actually get a consolation prize, these come in the form of “dividends” where each £1 staked entitles you to 1 ticket share of the consolation prize. It doesn’t say what amount this will be but recent pay out suggests 13/15 will pay £1,000’s+! You can see this below. 1st consolation dividend – 14/15 correct enables you to win a share of the level 1 consolation. 2nd consolation dividend – 13/15 correct enables you to win a share of the level 2 consolation. The Winners! The first £1,000,000 jackpot was won by another betting company, strange but true!


Correct Results

No. Of Winners











Just 1 week later a 27 year old punter from London won £100,000 in week 12. How to play It’s pretty simple, sign up to and select the football jackpot coupon. They also offer a free chance to win shed loads with lucky 7 so why not sign up now?  

Coral lucky 7

This is a bit different from the other offers we have on the site as it doesn’t actually require you to bet anything. This is a simple game which you try and prove your worth as you look to predict the outcomes from 7 matches they select. You don’t have to place a bet just predict the outcomes every week and if you get it correct you will win £1000! That’s virtually a free chance to win £1000 every week, why wouldn’t you do it! There is a also a cool league system you can play in with you and your friends and we may set one up for next season to see if you can beat us toe-to-toe in predicting! It should be a good laugh no matter what ! We will even try to post our selections every week so we can all win together! Here’s all the detail you need! 1.) Sign up at 2.) Head over to : 3.) Check our selections in the football accumulator sections 4.) Place you scores and hold on to your hats! Also if you sign up to Coral through the link below and you win Coral will double the winnings to make it £2000! I guess you could say it’s a Win-Win situation! So what’s stopping you… SIGN up now and get out that crystal ball!

Sign up now!


Double chance

What is double chance betting ? Double chance betting provides the bettor with 2 selections in the win / draw / win market. If you had a double chance on the away team to win or draw, and your selection wins or draws the game your selection wins at those odds. It’s almost a lay against the other selection . ( For laying and backing see spread betting ) .

This type of betting is usually used in Football for example :

Tom bet’s £10 that Manchester City double chance win/draw against Chelsea the odds are 11/10 . 1.) If Chelsea win, Tom loses. 2.) If Manchester City win, Tom returns £21 3.) If Manchester City Draw, Tom returns £21 . It’s a pretty simple bet and is good for outsiders if you fancy an upset. For other terms please check out our betting glossary here or our footy accumulators .

William Hill Sports


Each way

What is Each Way Betting?

An Each Way bet places two separate bet’s on on each out come usually split 50/50. The first bet is place on your selection to Win. This means it must finish first in order to win. The second bet is on your selection to finish in the predetermined finishing places. The odds on your selection to place are normally 1/4 or 1/5 of the odds of your horse to win. Half of your stake is placed on this bet. This type of bet is normally used on longer odds selections who you think may win, but are more likely to come close.

This type of betting is usually used in Horse Racing for example :

Tom bet’s £100 Each Way that Super Horse will win the Grand National the odds are 100/1 . The race will pay out 1/4 odds on the first 4 places.

1.) The horse comes 5th, therefore Tom loses his Each way bet.

2.) The horse comes a  4th in the Race, therefore Tom wins his £50 place bet at 1/4 odds which returns £1300 but loses his £50 win bet.

3.) The horse leave’s the field for dead and wins the race by 10 lengths! therefore Tom wins his £50 place bet at 1/4 odds which returns £1300 & he wins his £50 win bet at full odds returning £5050 a total return of £6350.

Some bookmakers such as Totesport  offer best odds guaranteed on Horse racing which means you will get the best odds from a bookmaker .




Result and BTTS

Result & BTTS is a coupon brought to you by William Hill. It’s a very dull name but it gives you the chance to combine two of the most popular coupons together. A win / draw / win & the both teams to score ( goals galore ) coupon. This gives you massive odds and it’s great for games which you think will have goals, and a clear outcome.

William Hill Sports

The aim

The Result & BTTS coupon is an idea which combines two of our favourite coupons, a both teams to score, and a results coupon. You have to pick the correct result and both teams have to score if you want to win this bet.

The accumulator

To win this bet you need to select the games you want from this list. The odds are displayed beside each outcome and as it’s not a fixed odds coupon they can vary dramatically.




The odds

We have selected 5 outcomes here as a demonstration, and you can see the massive odds it provides. When you combine these in to an accumulator you can generate massive odds from a small number of fixtures.


You can see that just those 5 results generate an accumulator with odds of nearly 8,500 / 1!

The biggest win

This coupon has only been going for a few months and already there has been some massive success. A lucky punter has won a massive £141,750 from this coupon already, and it’s likely to see more huge winners in the future!


The insider edge

Like the both teams to score coupon it can be tough to predict. Throw in the winner as well and it can be a notoriously hard thing to bet on. The odds are there though and when you find value it can often be worth a bet. You only need a small number of selections to make a big return in this, so here are our top tips to get that big win.

1.) Weather conditions – It’s a crucial factor in a goals galore bet, and this bet follows a similar principal. Slick surfaces will help goals be created and can really help that upset come about. If you are backing an outsider severe conditions can help you, if you are on the favourite, it can be a leveller so step away.

2.) Goods teams with a poor defence – This is a factor that most people fail to consider. Teams like Real Madrid and Barcelona can have poor defensive records, they win because they score a massive amount of goals. Teams like this are perfect for your bet.

3.) Form – This should be considered no matter what your bet. If a teams good and it’s form is poor the outsider always have a chance. If you want a favourite win, stay away from out of form teams. If you want an outsider win, favourites in poor form will give you chance, especially away from home.

4.) Stay small – It’s easy to get carried away with a coupon like this as your used to picking large accumulators with 8,10 or 15 selections. The odds are big so stay small on selections. It’s tough to call so pick only your absolute favourites.

5.) Stakes – Small stakes go a long way here. If you want to bet on a number of different teams, split them up into smaller accumulators and split your stake as well.



Win Draw Win

Win Draw Win is your standard accumulator, it’s the coupon most used in the UK and is a big part of the accumulator selection market. It’s not brought to you be any specific bookmaker as it’s offered by all. It’s a great coupon to bet on, especially if your visiting the pub with your mates as it’s so simple to understand and follow.

The aim

The win draw win coupon is pretty easy. Just predict the outcome of your chosen matches. You can chose whether you want the home team to win, the away team or the draw. Like most accumulators you have to have all selections win for you to win the bet.

The accumulator

We normally use Bet Victor when betting on this coupon because they have the best odds most often in the Premier League and other major league from around the world. When you are combining multiple fixture the odds can be massively different so you need the best value where possible. they make it really easy to use this coupon as the site is mobile friendly, and it’s very easy to navigate both on and off computers.

The odds

The odds on a coupon like this are completely dependent on the number of selections and the teams within that selection. A draw treble can reach well above 45/1 and a favourites accumulator can reach nicely in to the 20/1 . If you really want to go big you can choose as many legs as you want with odds infinitely high.

The biggest win

Winning on this type accumulator can provide some massive results from tiny stake. This is one of the best examples we’ve seen with a £500,000 payout from just a 30p stake . However the best betting slip we could find was a measly £63,000. Still not bad I guess.


The insider edge

Win Draw Wins are one of the easier coupons to predict, but it still doesn’t mean they are certainties. Nothing is a dead cert in gambling but their are a few things to consider that will give you the edge over the bookies.

1.) Draws – Most people look to pick winners and don’t think about draws. The draw often is the largest odds selection of the win draw win and with some teams it can be really good value. Look for teams that have a lot of draws and play very defensively. Find a side who’s lacking in the attacking third and you can have a massive accumulator win.

2.) Favourites – Some favourites can have miniscule odds and just aren’t worth betting on. If you don’t think the match has value, don’t add it to your accumulator.

3.) Form – This should be considered no matter what your bet. If a teams good and it’s form is poor the outsider always have a chance. If you want a favourite win, stay away from out of form teams. If you want an outsider win, favourites in poor form will give you chance, especially away from home.

4.) Lot’s of legs – Betting online is a great way to keep track of accumulators with lots of legs. The sites track them for you so you don’t have to spend your entire Saturday evening ticking off lists you’ve written down at the bookies. Adding lots of legs should only be done when you’re picking teams you’ve researched.

5.) Stakes – This is completely dependent on what returns you want. Work out what you want to win. Pick your teams and stake whatever you need to on the odds you have.

These betting guide don’t guarantee wins and were correct at the time of writing. Each bookmaker has the right to differ from the above explanations and use the bets as they see fit. We have collected the information from a number of different resources but if you feel we have missed anything, or have provided incorrect information please get in touch via our contact us page.