What type of free football betting tips do you offer?

Footy Tipster offers tips on all Premier League fixtures. These come in the form of a best bet, which covers a wide range of markets. For bettors who are just starting out or looking to refresh your memory we recommend reading our guide on betting basics. We also predict the result of the match in a win / draw / win outcome and our best guess at a correct score for each fixture. We have built a solid reputation last season on a number of forums and social media sites but if you are looking to follow the tips at little risk, why not sign up for a couple of free bets. For more information read our FAQ at the bottom of this page.

Premier League Tips
Premier League Tips
December 9, 2017

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Premier League Tips
December 8, 2017

Tottenham v Stoke football betting tips – Saturday 9th December 2017

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Premier League Tips
December 8, 2017

Swansea v West Brom football betting tips – Saturday 9th December 2017

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Premier League Tips
December 8, 2017

Huddersfield v Brighton football betting tips – Saturday 9th December 2017

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Premier League Tips
December 7, 2017

Crystal Palace v Bournemouth football betting tips – Saturday 9th December 2017

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Premier League Tips
December 7, 2017

West Ham v Chelsea football betting tips – Saturday 9th December 2017

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December 3, 2017

Bournemouth v Southampton football betting tips – Saturday 2nd December 2017

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Premier League Tips
December 2, 2017

Arsenal v Man United football betting tips – Saturday 2nd December 2017

17:30 2nd December 2017 Emirates Stadium (more…)
Premier League Tips
December 2, 2017

Brighton v Liverpool football betting tips – Saturday 2nd December 2017

15:00 2nd December 2017 The Amex Stadium (more…)

2017/18 Best Bet strategy

It’s been a busy off season for us here at Footy Tipster and we are bringing you a comprehensive guide to betting this season based on the success we enjoyed last year. This blog doesn’t guarantee profit, but we aim for it. Last season we ended with a 20.41% yield, taking a battering in the unpredictable last few weeks of the season. We tracked the bets from December staking £2,210 and accumulating a £450 profit. We used level stakes of £10 per bet and placed a single bet on almost every Premier League fixture with average odds of 2.03. We plan to expand on that successful strategy and are hoping to take our strategy further.

Sensible Staking

We used £10 level stakes profit last season as it was a stake we were comfortable with. That’s still £100 worth of bets per week which may be very low for some bettors and unobtainable for others. As such we are switching from a level stakes system to a percentage of bank system. We recommend starting with a bank of £1,000. From this bank each bet we place will be 2% of the total bank, so the starting round of bets will be £20 per fixture. This is twice as much as last season, but still reasonable for a bank of that size. By using 2% you can adjust the staking pattern to your particular needs and the end result should be the same. We are looking to double that bank through the season, this will require a 10% (Profit / Stake) yield every week. This yield is half of what we achieved last season, but is still a decent return. We are hoping to under promise and over deliver.


When we post our tips we will use the best odds available, this is sourced via odds comparison sites. Many people use a single bookmaker to bet and that is a mistake, you will damage your profitability and miss out on offers. There is reason to stick to the better known bookmakers as they usually provide better customer service, but all those included on these comparison sites are well recognised. Odds vary from bookmaker to bookmaker and it can severely damage your hope for a return, as highlighted below:


If you take the Sporting Bet price of 19/20 a £20 stake would return £39 with a £19 profit.

If you take the Bet Victor (Best Price)  of 6/5 a £20 stake would return £44 with a £24 profit.

When we extrapolate this difference to the 380 Premier League games, assuming a 50% win ratio the two outcomes would be as follows.

Sporting bet – £95 Loss
Bet Victor – £380 Profit

Two people placing the exact same bets over the season could have a £475 difference in their closing bank balance. It’s massive, these slight changes in odds stack up through-out the season and can turn a profitable season into a loss making one, by simply being too lazy to switch to the best odds. As such we STRONGLY recommend signing up to each of the bookmakers on the list. It takes about an hour to do them all, but you that hour could make you £475, probably our best ever paid job!

We must also consider free bets and offers with these bookmakers. Many of these offers are targeted at the average punter but when leveraged properly they can increase the potential profit with no increase in risk.

For example coral.co.uk offers a weekly £10 bet, when you bet at least £25 per week. If Coral has the best odds, or close to the best odds, then it would be a huge mistake to use a different bookmaker. By staking £50 per week with Coral and Skybet combined, we will accrue £15 in free bets every week. There are terms and conditions attached to these but these offers boost funds intermittently throughout the year.

Another example is the 2 goal lead promotion offered by both Bet365 and Paddy Power. If a team goes 2 goals ahead then a bet on the full time market will immediately become a winner. Games such as Arsenal Bournemouth would be an excellent example, where the long odds Cherries lost a 3 goal lead to draw 3-3.

These are just 2 examples of the flexibility different offers and different bookmakers offer. We will be looking to incorporate these offers into our betting system, and further highlight the need for multiple bookmakers. Sign up to the bookmakers below before you continue the season betting guide.

The Bets

We will provide a single selection on almost every Premier League fixture. The odds are usually around evens and are picked using our ‘return of value’ algorithm. This method takes into account, play style, manager, league position, goals scored, team selection and form. When writing our Premier League previews we highlight the important facts which show the outcome of this prediction. Once we have the prediction we compare the estimated odds vs the actual odds offered by the bookmaker, where the odds provided by the bookmaker are higher than the probability predicted value is created. Any selection with value is added to a shortlist. We then take this short list and compare the probability vs value, our bets are usually high probability (>50%) and have a positive value according to our probability. Our success rate with this model has been over 50% and with the average odds around evens, this generates the profits. We use a wide range of markets, some of which are exclusive to certain bookmakers, another reason to sign up to sites above.

Football accumulator tips
Football accumulator tips
August 17, 2018

Football Accumulator tips – Saturday 18th August 2018

Saturday's accumulator is a win-draw-win treble at 11/1. It features 2 home wins and a draw which is decent odds for a small selection of Premier League fixtures. If you like the bet let us know on Facebook or Twitter. PREMIER LEAGUE TREBLE Share these Accas! Chelsea v Arsenal (Home…
Football accumulator tips
August 10, 2018

Football Accumulator tips – Saturday 11th August 2018

The Football season is back and that means we've got some football accumulator tips for you. There is only one way to start the season and that's with a longshot treble. LONGSHOT TREBLE Share these Accas! Wolves v Everton (Home win) Crystal Palace (Away win) Watford v Brighton (Draw) Best…
Football accumulator tips
June 25, 2018

World Cup Accumulator Tips – 25th June 2018

WORLD CUP DOUBLE Share these Accas! Spain v Morocco (Spain -1) Uruguay v Russia (Russia Win) Best Odds : 6.06 with www.betfred.com

Football accumulators are one of the countries most popular bets. People love the idea of turning £5 into £500 on a Saturday afternoon with Jeff Stelling and the boys! Whilst we will offer football accumulator tips these are not likely to generate a profit throughout the season. Footy Tipster is not a site that denies it’s losses and promises the world. We have 3 accumulators on Saturday and Sunday with the fixtures we believe are most likely to combine into a big win. We do not have daily accumulators but that means a more focused, targetted approach, rather than the scatter gun approach many other tipsters go for. We cannot guarantee a profit on any of our betting tips but we will certainly try our best.

We offer a number of markets for football accumulators but they usually take the form of a longshot treble, a draw treble and a favourites accumulator. The longshot treble are 3 outside selections that usually return around 30/1. The draw treble is 3 draws and returns around 40/1. We landed 3 of these in consecutive days a couple of years ago and have been a staple on the site ever since. The favourites accumulator is usually around 2/1 with the aim of the bet to cover the other 2 accumulators. For more information on the types of bets read our comprehensive guides.


Do you post your Free Football Tips on the website?

We post our football tips on a number of forums and social media outlets. If you follow us on twittter or like us on facebook you will be able to instantly see when we post a tip. Prices often shorten once the tips have been posted, early bird catches the worm!

Do you post any free in-play betting tips?

We rarely offer inplay tips but may do so on big matches, especially those with the Bet365 £50 risk free bet. We find that inplay tips by other tipsters are often poorly researched and offer little to no profit. These inplay tips can often leave punters massively out of pocket and we don’t agree with that kind of tipping.

Do you have profitable football tips?

All of our football tips are produced in house and are not copied from any tipster. The use of statistical analysis and our custom algorithm provide an insight into each fixture. We compare the output of this model with the facts of the game and sense check each prediction. We have a win rate on the best bet over 60% with average odds above evens. On our tracked picks last season we had a yield of over 20% per week on average. We are aiming for 10% this year which would end up with us doubling our bank throughout the season. As mentioned previously our football accumulator tips are always profitable but we had some big winners at almost 70/1.

Do you offer any other Betting Tips ?

Whilst there are a number of other sports on at the weekend and throughout the week we don’t offer tips on these activities in the most part. We focus on Football Tips because we have experience in this area and an are just a punter in other sports. We may share an odd bet on other sports but this does not include the same level of statistical analysis as our other bets. Some Tipsters provide tips on a wide range of sports ranging from Football to Basketball to Womens Volleyball. If they have knowledge in all of these sports we congratulate them, but that is not the goal on this site.