About us 

We are a team of two tipsters and write on this blog as a hobby. We like having a bet on the football at the weekend and write down our bets and explain our choices. This blog is just for fun and we both have other jobs and this site should be read as such, nothing more. When we write our bets we provide the research we’ve done and the opinion formed around it, we do not guarantee winners or profit. Betting on football accumulators is not a way to make a living despite what many paid services will suggest.

This blog is free to read and we hope that you will comment and participate in any discussion on site via the comments section. If you would like to ask us a question directly you can use the comments section, post on our social media pages or via email. All that we ask is that you remain respectful, it takes a lot of time effort and money to run this free blog.

We are part of bookmakers affiliate network. In short we get paid for placing them on site and you betting with them. We don’t push offers, via the site or social media as we want to maintain the integrity of the blog, it’s main purpose is for fun not profit. This means we will never publish football tips that we believe will lose, not only is this unethical, it’s awful. Many tipsters will alter their records, in order to encourage you to bet and lose big, or simply subscribe to their service. All our results are on site and will remain there.

The aim of the site is simple, we want to build a community were people can discuss their selections for the weekend, revel in their victories and commiserate others who have lost. We are fighting a constant battle against spammers trolls and false “professionals”. The site is regularly visited by thousands of users, many who do not participate in any discussion. The tips are free to browse and share, you don’t have to register to read them and we hope you will share the website with your friends.

The best of luck to you all and remember to gamble responsibly. Never gamble can afford to lose.